Research Team 2020-07/2023


Last update: September 2023


Annie E. Wertz (as of 03/2024: University of California, Santa Barbara, USA)

Postdoctoral Fellows

Linda S. Oña (as of 06/2023: Leipzig University, Germany), Camille Rioux (as of 10/2022: Université Paris Cité, France), Karola Schlegelmilch (LIFE; as of 08/2023: Leipzig University, Germany)

Predoctoral Fellow

Connair J. S. Russell (LIFE; as of 07/2022: Queen’s University Belfast, UK)

Visiting Researchers

Valentina Fantasia (Lund University, Sweden), Camille Rioux (Université Paris Cité, France), Andreas Wilke (Clarkson University, Potsdam, USA)

A current list of the Group’s staff with links to their web profiles can be found on the Group’s website.

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