Research Team 2022/23

Last update: September 2023


Bernhard Spitzer

Postdoctoral Fellows

Stefan Appelhoff, Simon Ciranka (with the Center of Adaptive Rationality, MPIB, Berlin, Germany), Juan Linde-Domingo (as of 01/2023: University of Granada, Spain), Or Yizhar

Predoctoral Fellows

Frieda Born, Verena Clarmann von Clarenau (COMP2PSYCH, until 11/2022), Dilara Zorbek (LIFE)

Associate Research Scientists

Casper Kerrén (MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany)

Visiting Researchers

Maria Cobos (Univeristy of Granada, Spain), Maria Mikhailenko (Einstein Center for Neuroscience Berlin [ECN], Germany), Ines Pont Sanchis (Einstein Center for Neuroscience Berlin [ECN], Germany)

A current list of the Group’s staff with links to their web profiles can be found on the Group’s website.

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